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Goods4Greatness wants to ensure all children have the chance to play sports regardless of income level. Equipment costs can often be the difference in whether a child is able to reap the benefits of sports that go far beyond the playing field. That is where we can help.

The idea for Goods4Greatness started in a high school classroom more than 20 years ago. It was a dream of Founder and Executive Director Rhiannon Potkey that she jotted down in a spiral notebook.

Rhiannon was a four-sport athlete with teammates of all races and from all sectors of society. It didn't matter where anyone was from, once they pulled on the same jersey, they were bonded. Through sports, they gained confidence, developed resilience and modeled acceptance.

Rhiannon wanted everyone to experience the power of sports. She didn't want financial circumstances to hinder a child's ability to play. 

Once she became a journalist, her idea for the nonprofit gained even more urgency. She covered all levels of sports and saw the disparities at a greater degree. 

Teams and college programs in better economic circumstances would cycle through balls, bats, rackets and shoes on what seemed like a monthly basis. Meanwhile, teams from less fortunate circumstances would go years without quality gear.


Why not bridge that divide? Why can't the more affluent players donate their used equipment to the less fortunate players? 

Goods4Greatness does that.

Instead of selling the used equipment or throwing it away, you have the chance to help a child.

You can receive information about who your equipment benefited or earmark your financial donation to help directly in your community.


Maybe someone uses a ball to make the high school team or uses a bat to help play in college and get an education. Maybe, just maybe, they even become professional athletes. 

At the very least, a child in need gets equipment to help them play and stay healthy. At the very best, they gain a lifetime of benefits.

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